Q. Are they reusable? 

Although not ideal, our filters can be used up to two times and still be relatively effective. Though, on the second roll, there may be noticeable tar residue on the filter. Not advisable, but possible. 

Q. I think the filter tip may be clogged?

A small number of Charcoalito's may be overfilled with activated charcoal. As a result, some of these filter tips may clog when rolled with thick cigarettes. Thankfully there is an easy way to identify the anomalies. Shake the Charcoalito before rolling with it, if it rattles nicely and you can hear the granules shaking around then it will function as expected. However, if the Charcoalito barely rattles then it may be overfilled. These filter tips can still be used but ideally roll them in thin cigarettes and don't pack the cone down too tightly.   

Q. Can I roll them with blunt paper or cigar rolls. 

Absolutely. Our activated charcoal filters are very well suited for filtering out the harshness of the tobacco paper. 

Myths and Misconceptions 

1. Activated charcoal filters will reduce the potency of your joint.

There is no scientific evidence backing this claim. Neither is there anecdotal evidence supporting it.

Because whilst Activated Charcoal is incredibly effective at adsorbing large carbonyl compounds. It is unable to filter out tiny molecules responsible for the psychoactivity of your herb. 

If this argument was to be made then water pipes would also reduce the potency of your smoke because unlike the activated charcoal argument, most psychoactive molecules are not very water soluble and should "in theory" be filtered out by water. Any smoker would know this to be not true or at the very least at a level that is completely unnoticeable. 

2. Activated Charcoal filters out the terpenes of your smoke. 

Just like the previous misconception, there is no scientific evidence stating that activated charcoal filter tips are reducing the taste of your herb. 

This misconception arose by growers who use activated charcoal to filter out the smell of the air around their grow rooms. However, there is a very important functional difference between these two purifying devices. 

Activated charcoal will purify the smell of the air in a room when designed to do so, but it will not stop terpenes from making contact with your taste receptors.

Taste is a sensation and therefore if anecdotal evidence shows to us that the taste of your herb is the same if not better, then it's safe to conclude that there is no "terpene filtration". 


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