The Science of How it Works


There's two aspects of cannabis smoke.

What we want: 

Cannabinoids: THC, CBD, etc. The compounds that get you high
Terpenes: The compounds that are responsible for taste and smell.

What we don't want: 

Tar: The carbonic result of breaking down an organic material. 
Hot smoke: What irritates your lungs. 
Other volatile chemicals and particulates. 


The unfortunate truth is...Marijuana smoke isn't a special smoke that is completely void of harm.

Various scientific data and studies point to the fact that smoking any substance will cause harm to your respiratory system. 

Here's a few studies that show Cannabis smokers facing MORE lung degradation than Cigarette smokers.

HOWEVER, instead of putting down your joint and moving onto edibles and vapes. 

The problem isn't just about smoking.

The problem is smoking WITHOUT a filter. 

Paper filters aren't filters. They are only a crutch between your herb and your mouth. Their main purpose is to stop your herb from getting into your mouth, not to filter out problematic compounds.

Activated Charcoal filters are the gold standard. They offer filtration properties greater than any other with an attribute that should win over everyone

It doesn't affect the high.

Smoking with an activated charcoal filter results in just the same high as smoking unfiltered. Think of it as the water in a bong, no one ever has reported water filtration taking away from their high. But both water filtration and activated charcoal filter out the approximate same amount of cannabinoid compounds. 

Try it out for yourself. Roll with a Charcoalito. Inhale the difference.