Charcoalito Filters

Charcoalito Filter TIps

Premium activated charcoal filter tips. Once you inhale the difference you won't go back. 

what is charcoalito

I. Charcoalito Filters are remarkably engineered filter tips filled with premium, organic activated charcoal. 

II. Charcoalito allows you to inhale cooler and smoother smoke through any form of self-rolled cigarette. 

III. Charcoalito allows you to taste the natural flavors of your smoke untarnished by the taste of tar and harsh constituents of smoke. 

IV. Charcoalito utilises the organic properties of activated charcoal. By filtering out carbonyl compounds and other harsh/irritating constituents of smoke, it allows you to inhale purer, cooler, smoother, tastier smoke without any reduction in potency.

It's Smoother. It's Tastier. It's Better. 

We proudly introduce the greatest filter tip on the market. A big step above the paper rolled crutch. 

50 Charcoalito Filter Tips

• Premium treated activated charcoal.

• Secured with heat-resistant earth friendly caps.

• Slim design, perfect for rolling. 

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