The smoothest spark up you'll ever have.

Why it's the filter tip of the future.

Charcoalito's provide the smoothest and most satisfying smoking experience.

When you take a hit, the activated charcoal inside of the Charcoalito significantly adsorbs the harsh carbonyl compounds of the smoke without interfering with the desired compounds.

The magic is thanks to the remarkable filtration properties of activated charcoal. We source naturally derived coconut husk activated charcoal, which is sustainable and involves no deforestation.

You deserve more than a cardboard crutch. Roll with a Charcoalito.

Charcoalito Filters

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The Slim Charcoalito

For thinner to regular sized rolls.

6mm x 27mm

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The King Charcoalito

For regular to thick sized rolls.

8mm x 35mm

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